Saturday, May 05, 2007

JP Morgan Chase Run


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Participated in the JP Morgan Chase Run yesterday.

5.6km run completed in about 37-38mins.

It was a difficult race to run as there are people all over the course and you have to push your way through. It tooks us like 6 minutes to walk to the start line. Even until the finish line there are people walking the course.

The padang was also really muddy due to rain in the afternoon. I'll have to spend Saturday washing my Adidas shoes.

The interesting about this? Your timing is based on an honour system. No ChampionChip RFID tags to tie to your shoes. You note down your timing and your team captain submits the scores.

Sheesh... if that's the case I could just claim we all did it in 15 minutes and a trip to New York is on the cards...

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