Monday, May 07, 2007

Being Proactive

Characters in a movie or a play must be proactive.

I thought I understood that until I read this example:

Sophie has been sexually abused by her father, a well respected leader in the community and her mother never believed her.

(Weak) She enters the funeral parlour alone, breaks down in tears, beats on his dead carcass, and, sure that no one else can hear her, spits out her pitiful accusation at the corpse.

— Only reacts.

(Better) Walks up to coffin but her mother is with her. Opens her purse. Takes out a large set of scissors, and, to her mother's horror, slowly unzips his trousers, performs a post-mortem amputation, and hands the member to her mother.

— Makes conscious decision to take dramatic action, with deep consequences.
— Visceral, visual, and personal
— Stronger cinematically

Which leads me to think. When we take action, REAL action, do our actions have consequences? The word consequences has more of a negative connotation but if we are to be a source of good in this world, both for us and the people around us, we must take action that have good consequences that change our world.

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