Friday, April 27, 2007

Life Skills: Pitching

I'm even more impressioned that an essential skill in life is pitching or selling your ideas to other people clearly and succintly.

The pattern in business is that there is one party who has an idea but doesn't have resources and another party who has resources but no idea.

The person with the idea (business, movie, etc) always pitches to the one having the resources.

Even if your daddy is Bill Gates or Donald Trump, you still have to pitch the idea to them. And even if you are Bill Gates, you still have to pitch your idea to your board or vice-presidents.

Pitching is a skill, an art. It is the ability to create a compelling image in the mind of your audience with your words, your voice and your body language. It is an entertainment experience, it creates positive feelings. It is logical. Its purpose is to create a buy-in.

The buy-in could be for any idea, whether it is to go on a holiday, a business start-up idea, a movie idea, a change in direction, etc.

The audience can be anyone and the presentation tailored accordingly using the appropriate language, vocabulary.

The pitch should be entertaining yet have a basic storyline formular of beginning, middle and end, so that the audience doesn't have hanging questions.

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