Monday, April 09, 2007

It Takes Longer Than You Think

I realize that after calculating the amount of effort to lose just 8 pounds of fat that it isn't easy. I thought a month would be all it takes, but it seems that you have to really put in 3 times as much effort to do so.

That's good, at least I am obeying Jesus' admonition to calculate your forces to see if you can fight against an greater army or enough resources to build a tower. Sun Tzu repeats it in Art of War that a good general must make many calculations in order to win.

I think that is one of the weaknesses that I must work on, I seem to underestimate the amount of effort needed to accomplish goals.

Just last week, unfortunately, I made my cousin miss her flight back to Penang because I calculated to the minute the exact amount of time needed to get to her gate. I was too used to taking flights to KL, checking in exactly 1/2 hour before the flight takes off and getting to the gate exactly 10 minutes before departure. I cut things too close. Unfortunately, I didn't take into account that:

1. A flight to Penang is different from a KL shuttle flight and needs a earlier check-in time.
2. There was a queue at immigration.
3. She lost her immigration white card and had to fill it in again.

I don't like to waste time waiting yet, ended up wasting even more time.

The lesson learnt here is to take into account other random factors that may get in the way of your obstacles.

We have dreams of building a business into a million dollar company in 3 years. It may take 9 years. Every company has a different schedule. Some companies take 20 years to IPO, others may only take 3. Just keep being faithful, keep plugging on it, receive feedback gratefully, adjust your goals accordingly and keep on improving (kaizen).

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