Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Effort It Takes To Lose 8.8lbs

I need to lose 4kg to reach my ideal weight of 60.5kg.

That is about 8.8lbs.

At 3500kcal/pound = 30800kcal.

A 5.6km run expends 409kcal.

I need to run = 30800/409 = 75 times @ 5.6km each.

Doing it 3 times/week = 25 weeks = 1/2 year, just for 8.8lbs!!!!!

If I want to do it in 1 month with 4 sessions/week = 16 sessions.
30800/16 = 1925kcal/session = 26km/session.

It's so difficult to lose fat. (You have to make sure you don't lose muscle mass as well.)

So, therefore hitting my weight goal in 1 month may not be realistic.

If I target 3 months at 4 sessions a week and running 8km each time, then I can do it. Plus I need to do weight training to maintain muscle mass.

Losing 1kg/month is more realistic for me. (If based purely on exercise to increase calorie consumption).

If I can reduce my caloric intake by 350/day I can lose an additional 3lbs in a month. That's the equivalent of 2 1/2 cans of coke.

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