Monday, April 23, 2007

Cinetopia - The Day After


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After two grueling days of practicing pitching a movie idea I came away a different person with an insight into the world of hollywood.

It was exciting on the first day meeting up with everyone who were chosen as finalists. Once the introductions started, there was an electricity in the air with everyone so elated at being chosen as finalists. There were quite a few participants who drove or flew down from Malaysia.

Each one shared their joy at being chosen and being given a shot to go to Cannes.

It was also satisfying for me because I met movie enthusiasts. We could almost be given any movie title and like 80% of us would have known about it, watched it, or know its plot. Something like a Movieholics anonymous.

I also learnt that almost anyone can pitch a movie idea. You could have the bank banging at your door yet still be able to pitch a movie idea. You don't need to have gone to film school or come from a generation of screenwriters. The only thing that matters is the story.

We learnt some interesting facts that at Cannes, there could be opportunists who could have no script at hand and still sell a movie by taking the most recent blockbuster and changing its setting. "Jaws in Space", "Crash in Paris" or whatever you can think of.

Pitching a movie idea is like letting your imagination go wild! It's like when you're a teenager and you would say to your friends, "Wouldn't it be a great movie idea if so-and-so and did-this and that."

Did I win?

Well, I came close. Being a finalist is already a great reward and one more step to getting into USC.

Coming back home, and watching a DVD to relax, and the feelings surreal. When the Dreamworks logo flashed on screen I could feel that hey one day I could have a movie made by them.

And then after working on script pages, I started watching dialogue in Courier font size 12.

You know what I mean?

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