Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Each Day Is An Audition

Continuing on my thoughts that life is one big drama.

I realize that you do not become a manager. The day you are promoted to be the manager, the director, the CEO is not the day you become one.

You become whatever you want to be little by little every day. To become a CEO, behave like one, think like one, way before you get chosen or promoted to be one.

Actors that prepare diligently for a role spent a significant part of their time researching whatever they need to play. If they have to play a drug addict, they will have to research the way they think, how they walk, their gait, how will they react when offered help, how they will react when people do good or bad things to them, what their motivation, etc is.

In the big drama of life. The greatest thing we should realize is that we are our own casting directors. We can choose what role we want to play in the drama of life. We can say, "change the script, this isn't working out for me. I don't want to play the loser in life anymore."

Each day is then an audition. You choose to be whatever character you want to play in life.
You have to get into the role. You have to research your role. You become what you want be little by little each day.

So what role do you want to play in life?

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