Friday, February 02, 2007

Singapore-Thailand ASEAN Football Championship


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The crowd in ecstasy after the first goal scored by Nor Alam Shah.

I decided to watch my first live football match yesterday at the National Stadium.

The reasons were that since I'm not starting work till Monday, I have time to spare.

Next, this will be the last soccer match to watch there before it's demolished.

This will be one time when there is a full stadium of supporters cheering on the team.

I've never seen a live soccer match before. And the experience is different from watching one on TV. Before I knew it the game had started. "Eh, started already leh?" The least I hoped was someone announcing that the game was going to start. I thought there will be some kicks before the match to warm up.

Next, there is no benefit of instant replays. The National Stadium, doesn't have a jumbotron to show any replays or television footage to help us. I had no idea who scored any of the goals.

And the standard... well it isn't the English Premiership. High balls floating here and there, passes not threaded as well as EPL players.

There is a reason why Singapore can get thrashed 8-0 by Manchester United...

I saw the coach, Raddy Avramovic, at the Amara hotel cafe after salsa at Union Square on Tuesday and wished him and his team the best.

But kudos to Team Singapore. You fought well to win 2-1 and I wish them all the best for the return leg in Bangkok. (I had quoted to STOMP that it would be a 1-1 draw. Thank goodness I was wrong.)

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