Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love Your Own Dreams

A lot of us esteem other people and encourage them to pursue their own dreams. However, when it comes to our own dreams we seem to put them on the shelf.

We don't esteem ourselves enough. We don't think that we are important enough. We don't think our dreams are worthy enough to pursue.

Love ourselves. When we love ourselves, our own hopes and dreams we learn to love others even more. The commandment of Jesus is to love others as we love ourselves. The more we learn to love and esteem our own worth, the more we can esteem others worth.

It may be a small dream to open a hot dog stand. When we learn to love our own dreams we can love others dream to open a tuition centre or a bakery.

It isn't selfishness, it isn't pride. It's believing that we are created by a God worthy to do great things. Jesus himself said that we will go on to do even greater things than He did on this earth.

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