Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hobby vs. Work

People pay other people to do things which they find that they are unable to do, or is difficult or is too tedious, or unenjoyable.

If there were such an activity that wasn't difficult or tedious but instead enjoyable, it would then be called a hobby. Which in turn, people who do it, pay for the privilege instead.

Then what is the difference between hobby and work? Not much I think. It just depends on the perspective you take.

The key then to earn money is to make people pay you for your hobby. Search for people who find your hobby difficult and unenjoyable. They will gladly pay you to do what you like best.

If you like watching movies, be a movie reviewer, or projectionist or movie buyer.
If you like watching movies, including the naughty bits, be a film censor.
If you like travelling be a pilot or flight attendant.
If you like being surrounded by beautiful people, be a flight attendant or fashion photographer.

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