Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cliff Richard Concert: Lessons Learnt

If anyone one over 50 starts telling you "I'm too old for already". Tell him/her how old Cliff is (born 1940, 67 this year) and how you can still be living productively till the end of your life.

The thing about Cliff is that he keeps on producing new stuff each year. Yes, his faithful fans still love him more for his hits like "Summer Holiday", "Young Ones", "Living Doll". But he is one of the only 2 artistes in the world to have a No. 1 hit each decade! (The other is Elvis).

We must have goals to lead us on in life. Once we have goals, we don't clutter our minds with our trivial problems and the baggage of yesteryear. Succesful people think about their goals all the time.

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