Sunday, January 21, 2007

You Are The Laser Beams of The World!

You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14)

We are the light of the world. Light sources can range from candles, to energy saving bulbs, to fluorescent lights, to heating lamps, to fireworks, to strobe lights, to chandeliers. Each light source is characterised by different effects. It can be diffuse, it can be bright, it can be reflected off ceilings without being seen, it can be bright daylight, it can be soft yellow. It can flicker, it can flash, it can be constant.

Each of us is important.

Each of us has talents.

Each of one of us is unique.

We have an impact on life and on the world.

Just by existing in this world, we affect others.

But to make an even greater impact, we must hone ourselves, we must focus our efforts.

The concentrated beam of light has power to cut through even steel. It can transmit information. It can decorate. We can become more useful if we concentrate our light in some areas.

In a way, that is what discipline is all about. The problem is that the word 'discipline' has negative connotations, with punishment or a spartan regimentation. Look at the goal instead, look at it as the passion, as the goal and the means to achieve a great goal. When it's finished, we will look at discipline as no more than a rocky path or jungle trek that we had to traverse through to find a lost treasure. Discipline is terrain we navigate in the adventure of life.

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