Thursday, January 11, 2007

TT Durai, You're So Screwed

Round 1: TT Durai versus Archie Ong and other small fries... Durai wins.
Round 2: TT Durai versus Singapore Press Holdings... Durai's knocked out.
Round 3: TT Durai versus the Government... Durai's really screwed this time..

When you're up against the government AND the media, you're not going to survive.

SPH is milking the TT Durai-NKF scandal to the limit. And when you're up against the government here in Singapore, there's no chance in high water that you're even going to come out of this one with the clothes on your back.

The interesting thing is, he could have avoided all of this by settling out of court lawsuit against SPH and this would have blown over, Durai would still be in his cushy NKF job and still be milking public funds for his extravagant lifestyle.

SPH wanted to settle it. They wanted to get it over with. And even offered to tone down a few phrases. But what does that mean to freedom of the press and journalistic integrity? It seems that saving face and your backside is more important than truth here in this little red dot called Singapore.

Are we just cowards when it comes to speaking the truth that we cower before someone who threatens to sue us?

Is the power of the courts only the purview of the rich and mighty here? What of Archie Ong and Piragasam Singaravelu who were sued by Durai for telling the truth? We know now that they were only telling it as it is. The Asian mentality is to toe the line, to not rock the boat, to save face, to just mind your own business. Are we willing to live and die for the truth?

No doubt, we must speak TRUTH and LOVE with people, but backing away from bullies like Durai is neither truthful or loving.

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