Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GRE Sentences...

One way to practice your vocabulary is to use the words you learn...

I am a tyro and a dilettante at taking graduate exams. But one way to come out of an impecunious state is to upgrade yourself. But this essay is a sedulous attempt to make use of the argot of patrician GRE takers. It may be disjointed at times, but do not disparage me until you reach the denouement.

I only hope that my use of bombastic words do not cause malapropisms or become a pedantic display of grandiloquence.

I may become a sycophant towards my examiners. I do not wish my essays to create ennui and be soporific reads but be mellifluous with full cadence and timbre and even create lachrymose reactions of joy towards and garner a verdict that it is an indubitable work of art.

The weather in Singapore can be so capricious! I wish that my surroundings were more salubrious with an azure sky overhead, waking up fresh (I hope that I am not a somnambulist) to an effulgent sunrise, and with the piquant aroma of fresh coffee made by my buxomly inamorata. She is the cynosure of my eyes. In a proscenium, I would ebulliently sing an encomiastic panegyrics for her and excoriate and inveigh those who would dare speak words of aspersion or create canards about her. But I do not want to go overboard and be uxorious towards her.

It could be in piscatorial surroundings. I could jaunt off to the jetty and throw in a seine into the copious river to make a catch for an alimentary lunch and hope that a zephyr cools me down.

Ah, the sybarite that I am!

I wish that I do not engage in polemics so much but if I have to use stentorian tones to make a point I shall.

A feeling of lassitude has come upon me. This imbroglio of words has caused a sense of puissance and I must retire now.

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