Friday, July 14, 2006

Biological vs. Mechanical

Perhaps one of the paradigms that we miss out from in this technology centric world is that many things behave like organisms rather than automatons.

Perhaps it is the onset of the industrial, mechanical and electronic revolution that gives the man of today the viewpoint that everything around it is some kind of machine or device that can be turned on and off producing a very utilitarian view of people and organizations.

I think that the biological viewpoint is just as important.

Jesus used a lot of natural biological parables in his teachings. The church and its people are likened to a vine. People are referred to as fish. The word of God is referred to as the seed sown in the hearts of man. God's kingdom is likened to a mustard plant.

Yes, but of course there are other non-biological examples too, a Christian is a lamp lit or like salt and so on.

But I believe that a biological viewpoint is very important too. The reason is that biological processes and the way you tend to plants are entirely different from a mechanical view.

In an electronic and industrial world, we just replace broken parts because it's not worth the time and cost to repair it.

But in the biological world, we can't flip on a switch. There must be patience, like a farmer or a shepherd takes care of his sheep. There is a time to wait, like a farmer waits for his harvest. We nurture, we tend, we graft, we feed.

People do not behave like a machines. Leave the machine on through the night and you get double the output. Try to have people work through the night, you may only get 50% extra output.

People are not machines, they too need tending. A seed is first put in a nursery so it can grow before it is planted. New employees should be tended and nurtured before weathering harsher weather.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why there is too much burnout in a mechanically inclined city. People do not understand the paradigm of farming and harvest.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Much?

How much food can you eat? Caviar, steak, truffles, chocolate, etc.

How many hours can you sleep?

How big a house do you need?

How many places to travel can you go?

How much anger can you hold?

How much power do you want?

How many movies can you watch?

How much music can you listen to?

There is only so much you can consume in life.

LIfe is not about consumption. It isn't about ourselves. It's about service.

Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Final

My final prediction for the tournament:

Italy 1 - France 1 (France win 3-1 aet)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Process vs Results

The thing about life is that we sometimes lose focus between process and results.

For example, you cannot focus on being happy. Because happiness is a by-product of service and love. Focusing on happiness will cause it to further elude you.

Another thing is profits. Profits are a side-effect of 3 factors, good management, fantastic customer service and a wonderful product. If you focus on these 3 things, the profits will come in.

However, it can go the other way.

For example, I say that prayer can do nothing. Neither can perseverence accomplish anything.

Prayer can do nothing if you're just focusing on the activity and not the subject of the prayer. There are many people who pray long prayers thinking God will hear them. But they focus on the activity not who they are praying to and the reason they are praying about. Prayer is a necessary "side-process" of seeking God.

Perseverence is also useless if it is not directed to the right activities. I've heard parents admonish their children to always "read books diligently". The activity of reading is useless if you don't achieve understanding at the end of 2 hours. Reading is also a necessary side effect of seeking understanding. "Oh look how many hours I've spent studying." It's not the hours, its what did you gain after that that is important...

World Cup 3rd Place Play-Off

My predictions for today:

Germany 2 - Portugal 0