Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup Day 16

My predictions for today:

Germany 2 - Sweden 2 (Germany go through 4 - 3 on penalties)
Argentina 3 - Mexico 1

Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Day 15

My predictions for today:

Saudi Arabia 0 - Spain 4
Ukraine 2 - Tunisia 0
Switzerland 2 - South Korea 1
Togo 1 - France 1

World Cup Day 14

My predictions for today:

Czech Republic 0 - Italy 0
Ghana 2 - United States 1
Croatia 1 - Australia 2
Japan 2 - Brazil 1 (yes! Brazil I believe will be unmotivated to win the match.)

One of the reasons I'm doing these predictions is to prove to myself to never, ever, ever, ever bet on football matches.

Almost none of my predictions were ever spot on. And my win, lose or draw predictions also is just as bad. At the end of the world cup, I'll tally up the statistics to see how much I predicted right.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Day 13

My predictions for today:

Ivory Coast 2 - Serbia & Montenegro 0
Holland 1 - Argentina 2
Iran 0 - Angola 1
Portugal 2 - Mexico 0

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


You can accomplish far less in 1 year than you would expect and far more in 5 than you can imagine.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Educate first, then buy the tools

A lot of companies think that buying an expensive tool will increase productivity.

But to take the principle of the maxim "A bad craftsman always blames his tools", I think that you should educate your workers, spend money and time to improve the skills of your workers.

Think of it this way, it's no good buying a Stradivarius for a mediocre violinist. Only a good violinist will know how to utilize and coax the best out of it.

Therefore, improve your skills in life, become the best, the tools are secondary to the craftsman. If you are in charge or a company, make sure you budget for training. No doubt a good tool can improve productivity by a multiplicative effect but only if the workers themselves are skilled and know how to integrate it into their work.

The Marketing Game

Eric Shulz covers many topics in this book including his insights into when or when not to sponsor sports, and how to take advatage of different situations to improve your brand.

The main feel of the book is basically about finding the right positioning and brand statement for your product. He list's down the ABC's of marketing:

A: Audience
B: Benefit
C: Compelling Reason Why

Everything you do must be based on your brand which is linked to your C, the unique value proposition that you are selling to your audience.

Don't just advertise your brand logo, link it always to something that you want your audience to feel or be connected to.

Because of his background, he provides tales from his experience in Coca-Cola, Disney, and P & G. He provides the perspective of both the retail space marketer selling many products (P&G) versus a single special brand-name selling only one kind of product (Coca-Cola).

In all the cases, whether it be sports, or retail, he strives to stress that your product must be linked into the audience mind so that he/she can recall your brand easily or find your product easily on the shelves.

It is, as always in business, what is so special about your XXX product?

Marketing is a very expensive game, if you don't know what you are doing, you could be throwing literally millions down the drain. In the end, your dollar spent should be used to increase your sales.

Different Frame of References

How can there be free will and predestination?

Not an easy question to answer.

One aspect may be to look at it from a different angle, literally.

The thing about dimensions is that we live in time-flow. We cannot see the future, but we can see the past. We have to make all decisions according to our frame of reference, i.e. make the best decision according to the amount of knowledge and understanding we have of the situation.

God, being an enternal being sees your the beginning and the end of the universe at the same time. He sees your birth and your death. He can alter the time line whatever way he wants.

But because we aren't God, we cannot be responsible for altering the timeline from his point of reference. We are responsible for our actions in our frame of reference and that is--to reiterate--be responsible according to the amount of knowledge of the past and understanding we have of the situation.

Let God handle his side of things from the angle of eternity. We just handle what we can.

World Cup Day 10

My predictions for today:

Japan 1 - Croatia 0
Brazil 3 - Australia 3
France 0 - South Korea 1