Friday, December 29, 2006

One Dimensional Thinking

One of the problems that I realize in life is that there are a lot of seemingly conflicting extremes in life.

How do you remain flexible without being indisciplined? Or being strict without being rigid?

The answer is that we are limiting ourselves to one dimensional thinking.

This is the way we think.


However, life is complex. It isn't as simple as we think. By adding another dimension, we can solve this puzzle.


This solves our problem, we have to be both optimistic and realistic in life to succeed. A person who has optimism has the faith to move mountains, yet he must be realistic enough to realize problems when he sees them and solve them.

Conversely, there are people who are in the extremes of both ends. They are pessimistic, and cannot accomplish much, yet they harbour delusions of grandeur and nurture overbearing egos of themselves and selfish ambitions.

What about other problems?

How about being strict versus being flexible?

Again, the problem is that we are limited by our one-dimensional thinking and our vocabulary.


As the illustration shows, and we've all seen this in Malaysia, government service can be both slipshod AND extremely inflexible and rigid. The best service is disciplined, efficient and flexible and adaptable to situations.

In Physics, the conundrum of wave/particle duality can be resolved if we think of them as different dimensions or aspects.


Finally, in the spiritual realm, we have trouble thinking of Christ as both 100% God and 100% Man and also the dilemma between Predestination and Freewill.

God and Man Duality

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