Friday, December 01, 2006

I Hate "Opportunity"

If I had a dollar for every time a person came to me and told me he had a great "opportunity"... well you know what I mean.

I'm too tired of hearing people with some great business idea or opportunity to palm off on me. Whether it's some MLM idea or unthought out startup idea.

If some bloody idea is really that great a money maker, why the heck are you sharing it with me? Shouldn't you just hire some people and run with it?

Ridiculous claims like "unlimited income". Dude, even light has speed limits. MLM recruitment talks basically make you into a salesman not an entrepreneur.

And I hate the way the word entrepreneur is abused. Sure there are entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, but the mom and pop grocery store, the barber round the corner, the ice-cream vendor on the street are also entrepreneurs.

Philosophical Question: Is it the pattern of the world to use each other? Perhaps that is too negative a view. Instead of seeing businessman as parasites, perhaps business is a form of symbiosis.

A more integrated view is to see it as a dynamic ecosystem of human life and economy. Yes there are parasites, there are piranhas, but there are also lions and tigers.

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