Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Toastmasters: 1st Speech


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Made my first speech at the Hilton Toastmasters club.

Not bad, but there's always room for improvement.

To calm my nerves, I used Frankl's technique of paradoxical intention. No matter how many times I have been on stage and in front of an audience, there is always some kind of butterflies in your stomach, however, I commanded myself to be as nervous as much as I can. By doing so, I couldn't.

The power of toastmasters is that it provides a framework for feedback and evaluation.

During each speech there is an evaluator to evaluate the speaker and provide feedback.

Even the evaluators have evaluators!

They say that feedback is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

(If that is so, there are many starving champions out there. We don't give enough good feedback in society. What do we hear from a lot of parents, superiors, and peers? Negativity, scolding and plain silence and apathy. But I digress...)

That is why when we need to improve some skill, we need to have feedback, whether it is in dancing, shooting, speaking, writing, programming, leadership, etc.

Always look for feedback, and especially get people who can give you positive feedback.

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