Friday, September 22, 2006

We All Start Out Incompetent

The situational needs leadership model shows that we all start out incompetent in any new task.

There is no such thing as automatically being competent in an area immediately. Though natural talent may have some effect of adapting, we all start from zero in the beginning.

We can then take comfort from the fact that we are not 'stupid' in what we do. It just means we have to learn.

However, I often notice that people who are promoted seem to be expected to perform competently immediately in their new role. I have noticed several results of this:

1. They can adapt quickly and learn quickly.
2. They fall back to their previous competencies and neglect to learn the new skills.
3. They cover up incompetencies by using a limited vocabulary: "Do it!" or "Do that!" or "I don't care!"

Truth is important here. We must acknowledge that we are incompetent in so many areas. But grace is even more important. That its alright and that we are all limited in our current knowledge, learning, skills and abilities. Faith plays in part in overcoming in incompetencies because it says that we can learn, we can find a way around our problems.

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