Monday, September 11, 2006

Tactics: What Stimulates Success

There probably is no such thing as a general-purpose motivation to be successful, so if you have such a motivation, convert it as quickly as possible into a choice of field and a direction. There can be a motivation to succeed at something in particular.

Motivation seems to be a natural part of the expectation and self-image of the successful person. Be positive and cultivate such an expectation. Expect to succeed.

Use and set challenges in order to have a specific focus.

Use anxieties in order to push yourself forward rather than to hold yourself back.

Do not use money as an end in itself but as the method of play in the game of success (at least one type of success).

If you do not enjoy making things happen, you should reconsider whether you want only the end-point of success (and what goes with it) or the process of getting there. If you only want the end-point, then forget it--unless you can find a way of getting there quickly.

If your own motivation is insufficient, then marry someone who can push you along.

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