Monday, September 18, 2006

Tactics: Thinking & Doing

There is thinking concerned with description and thinking concerned with action (with getting things done).

Thinking is an operating skill that can be learned; it is not just a matter of intelligence.

A brilliant new idea is not the only--or even the best--route to success.

One of the routes to success is innovation within a field. For deliberate creative effort, try using lateral thinking.

There is the creativity of Innocence and there is the creativity of escape. You can only use the first while you are innocent.

Making an idea work is more difficult and more important htan having the idea in the first place.

The 'logic' of lateral thinking arises form the nature of perception as activity in a self-organizing information universe. Humour is a good parallel.

With provocation there may not be a reason for saying something until after it has been said. The provocation does not fit in with existing perceptions but is used to lead us to new perceptions.

In lateral thinking we use 'movement' rather than judgment. We use movement to move on from a provocation to a new perception or concept.

Shifting perspective and frames of reference can lead to new ideas and insights.

Having to react continually to immediate pressures and problems makes creative thinking difficult (except in solving those problems).

Lateral thinking should be treated as a routine part of our thinking equipment.

Look at any area with a traditional high profit margin and apply the innovative thinking tha has probably been lacking in that area.

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