Monday, September 25, 2006

Tactics: Tactical Play

The fast-buck, 'what you can get away with', idiom may be successful on a short-term basis but it is very difficult to live down and is no basis for sustained success.

Integrity and credibility have practical value quite apart from what they do for your soul. The make decisions easier and bring deals to you.

Learn to distinguish between those things which are only done in a certain way because they have always been done in that way and those things which are done in a certain way because business would be impossible without unwritten rules.

If you learn to work within the system, you are far more likely to get things done than if you set out to pioneer and change the rules.

Cheating the system is neither clever nor heroic.

It may be necessary to go south for a while in order to journey north.

Different games and different suituations have different sets of rules nad sytles of play. Be clear as to what they are.

In a bargaining situation there are subjective values and variable values in addition to the real values.

Psychological tactics will be used on you even if you do not care ot use them on others.

Play the percentages rather than the flashy strokes.

Tactics are never and end in themselves but only serve the long-term goal.

Be prepared to concede things as part of the bargaining and also to move your opponent to ground more favourable to you.

Some situations are win-lose but others are win-win. The other party does not have to lose for you to win.

An unexpected (and even irrational) move can throw the other party.

If you are not getting anywhere, try shifting the perspective or frame.

Decide whether you want to conceal what you are up to, or to make it every clear. Both types of tactics have their merits.

Do not get so fascinated by tactics that the overall purpose is lost from sight.

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