Monday, September 18, 2006

Tactics: Strategy

Do you need a strategy? If you are being successful without one, then perhaps you do not. Otherwise, you certainly do.

A strategy provides you with a reason for taking an initiative, for getting moving, for taking action.

A strategy provides you with a long-term view and hence the ability to take risks or do things which do not make sense in the short term.

A strategy provides you with guidelines for making decisions: does this fit my strategy?

There can be a specific strategy, a game plan of the steps you are going to take in order to succeed. This is like the strategy in a particular game of chess.

There can also be a general strategy which consists of guidelines and principles, and this general strategy can be applied to all situations.

Individual style, personality, and judgement can all act as strategies, but do not rely on them unless they are being successful at the moment.

A strategy is not a detailed plan (which you may need as well) but a broad overview.

From time to time spell out your strategy in a conscious and deliberate manner. Be conscious of the changes and alterations you may want to make.

Strategy is not only the manipulation of resources but also the developments of those resources.

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