Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tactics: People as Resources

In taking someone on, decide quite clearly whether you want a general purpose 'all-rounder' or someone for a specific job. If the latter, decide what profile you want. Getting the right people into the right places is a design exercise.

If there is a chance to try someone out, that is the best test of all. A short tryout may help with personality, but a real tryout must be long enough to allow the experience of proper pressures.

If your style is to be impresario or circus master of talent, then make this an objective and choose the best people around. If you want to exploit your own ideas, then choose a support team.

Remember that many successful people have depended on a partnership in which the second party has supplied qualities needed for the success of the first party.

In almost all cases a success person needs the support of a good team.

The motivation of others can require a clear definition of roles and goals.

The motivation of others means leading them, involving them, and giving them a sense of achievement. All this requires communication.

The reward of recognition or appreciation is as powerful as more material rewards.

Be definite about criticism but criticize the performance not the performer.

Lead the person to realize his (or her) own failure.

Decide whether a person can do the job for which he or she is employed. Keep that decision separate from the action that may then follow.

Everyone wants to be an individual and at the same time to belong.

In the long run, human values may be good business values. It may seem otherwise at a particular moment in time.

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