Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tactics: How Far Is Success Within Our Control?

Whether it is true or not, assume that you have been equipped by genes and early environment for a particular style of success. That belief may make up for some of the actual deficiencies in either area.

Note that a key factor such as ambition, persistence, or stamina can energize all the other faculties you may have. See if there is within your make-up a 'drive' of this sort. Build it up and build on it.

Probably the most important factor is 'expectation'. This can be within your environment or within your mind as your 'self-image'. The notion is that success should be just as much part of your expecation of life as getting married and having children. If you are a parent, such expectation is the most important thing you can provide for your children. The expectations is that an individual can work toward success--not that success will be provided as of right.

Move to an environment which is success-oriented.

Keep and polish certain key images on which to build your style.

Trying to be someone else won't work, and it will ruin your own natural style, which is based on your own qualities.

Important lessons and strategies can be learned from the behaviour of others and then be incorporated into your own style.

Acting out a deliberate role in certain circumstances and for a limited time can be a useful strategy. It can be especially useful to overcome some basic deficiencies.

There is nothing wrong with artificial training provided it is pursued to the point where it becomes natural.

Some aspects of man are improved by digging deeper into the inner self (emotions and temperament), but other aspects are improved by moving in the opposite direction towards role models and manners.

Before a role has been learned well, there is always a difficult time when it works so badly that it is usually abandoned. The problem is to decide whether to persist with it or to abandon it.

Don't wait for the right place and timing to happen to you, but be sensitve to place and timing, and plant the right seed at the right time in the right spot.

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