Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tactics: Focus II

The overriding factor is that you should be doing something you enjoy doing and are good at doing (but see below).

There are clearly certain fields in which it is far easier to be successful than in others. There are also fields in which a moderate talent plus hard work will succeed, whereas in others a higher degre of natural talent is required. These are facts of life.

Most successful people do not seem to have selected carefully their field of endevour--that is no reason not to do this.

There is no stigma attached to changing fields, careers, or targets. Many successful people have done just this.

People contacts are extremely important (not what you know but who you know).

The ability to spot an opportunity when it is only a glimmer or a casual remark is very important. So is the ability to take action on that opportunity.

Unusual combination of skills and experience can be important, because there will be little competition in such areas.

In many fields credibility is the major asset.

For many successful people, the first step has been a partnership with someone else.

Moderate success can also be a trap if you are interested in greater success.

Difficult challenges are worth taking on if the elements involved are within your control. If they are not, you may be wasting your time.

You can always define your challenge for yourself.

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