Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tactics: Decision Making

There are many different types of thinking: logic, perception (and lateral thinking), and intuition (including aesthetic, complex judgment, and internalized processes).

There is thinking concerned with description, and thinking concerned with action (with getting things done).

Intuition can lead to great successes and it can lead to disasters.

Intuition may represent processes that were once conscious and have now been internalized.

When used for judgment, intuition may be based on experience and aesthetics (for that field) and may provide a complex judgment of many factors, not all of which can be spelled out.

Category thinking can be very valuable. Create your categories and then see if apparent opportunities fit them.

One powerful approach to thinking is to create a map out of information and perceptions and then to find your way about that map.

It can be useful to work with others, but if you are going to be responsible for the idea, then you have to 'design' it.

Different situations require different thinking styles just as in a car you shift gears according to the situation.

Remember that the purpose of thinking is to so arrange the world, in our minds, that our actions and decisions become obvious.

Trust your intuition as you might a friend: on the basis of past experience and a consciousness of human nature.

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