Friday, September 01, 2006

Gillian Chung, Tammy NYP and Hits

When the "Tammy NYP" incident happened, blogs which just barelly mentioned it had a huge increase in hits.

Now, there is a news article about Malaysia banning a magazine Easy Finder (by Next Finder) that has published photos of Gillian Chung changing backstage in Genting Highlands.

Obviously hard to find photos and banned items will just increase the amount of interest in them. People will be curious to know what are these photos that would cause Malaysia to ban them.

One of the ways in which you can really become a "hit whore" is by writing a blog article about some scandalous news items especially if there are photos or videos involved.

This article is a blatant attempt to get hits as well as an experiment to see how it works.

I normally get about 3-4 visitors a day.

Let's see how the terms "Gillian Chung", "Twins", "banned", "photos", and "Genting Highlands" can cause people to come and visit my website.

And no, if you are reading this article for the photos, there aren't any here. Thank you though for visiting and contributing to my experimental results.

We shall wait and see the results... stay tuned.

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