Friday, August 25, 2006

A Pet Named Fido

What happens when you are promised a dog but this happens?

You ask it to sit and roll over and it just walks away.

It lies in the sun.

It sleeps 16 hours a day.

It claws at your furniture.

It meows.

Do you still insist on treating it as a dog or should you realize you've got an animal called a cat?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are stuck in a mild form of denial (for lack of a better word), where they are upset with situations in life when things don't come out the way they expect and then keep in insisting on forcing their cat into behaving like a dog.

What can your cat be? It may be a software project, where people expect it to follow the waterfall model yet it follows the iterative model. It may be your husband or wife who isn't the perfect person you expect to be, or it could be your child whom you expected to be a brilliant scholar or sportsman but turns out into a musician.

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