Wednesday, August 09, 2006


If you think that money isn't important or that it is the root of all evil, think again. Or shall I say, revise your paradigm of money. (Anyway, money isn't the root of all evil, love of money is. See 1 Timothy 6:10)

Money can be viewed as:

  1. Options. Money is merely options. The more money you have, the more options that are available to you. When you consume money, you choose one option but sacrifice other options.

  2. Social Lubricant or Fluid. Yes, we've heard of the term "greasing palms". But money does move people around. People migrate because of opportunities and it is usually to make more money. People make decisions because of cost, or choose the best value for money. Brake fluid transmits force from your feet to gears in the same way money also transmits forces that move business, governments, economies and social fabric. It enables people to work together by compensating one another equitably for goods provided or services rendered.

  3. Concentrated life. I've heard a preacher use this analogy. Basically, he meant that whatever you worked in life, the results are the money that you get, one month of life or effort is represented by your salary.

  4. Value Indicator. A crude one but valuable nonetheless. Price often gives a indicator of value and used as the basis of comparison. Unfortunately, it is also used sometimes to compare the value of prospective husbands.

  5. Applause. Customers who value your product pay for it. Your profit is the amount of applause that people appreciate your work.

  6. Organizational Nourishment. Businesses, churches, charities, clubs, governments all need money to survive and thrive. Even non-profit organizations need some money pay the bills. Heck, even terrorists need money to fund their nefarious deeds. Without money, an organization dies. If it wants to grow, it doesn't just need money to survive, it needs to make profit.

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