Thursday, August 17, 2006

Costumes not clothes

We don't wear clothes, we wear costumes.

If we wore clothes just to protect ourselves from the environment, we could jolly well wear sackcloth.

The first clothes made were not to protect us from the environment. NO, the first clothes made were to cover our shame, our nakedness, our fallen identities, our projection of ourselves towards God and other people.

We want comfort, but our choices in clothing reflect ourselves. Our clothes project information, an aura if you will.

We send messages with costumes, it reflects our tastes, our self-image, our beliefs, our occupation, our hobbies, our likes, as well as dislikes.

In the Bible, people often tore their clothes to signify mourning.

Think of the role that you want to live in life. Consider what you want to be in life. Wear those clothes. Your costume doesn't send a message to others, it sends a message to yourself, about who you are, what your identity is.

You may choose to ignore the messages that your clothes send to you, but do others consciously do the same?

It does not mean that our clothes are to remain static. Actors and directors know when a wardrobe change is necessary to convey a different mood, setting, meaning, emotion, tone to the audience.

Again, in the Bible, during the great feast, we actually change clothes, we are given robes to cover ourselves.

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