Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Article 11

So the inter-faith dialogue should be stopped because it touches on sensitive issues like religion.

Isn't that the whole purpose of the inter-faith dialogue? To reduce sensitivities and to build bridges!?! The Inter-Faith Dialogue does include parties representing Islam too. And yet, the religious power-mongers, want to hold on to their power.

It isn't muslims that are hurt because there are muslims in the inter-faith dialogue too. It is the power mongers that are hurt. They are afraid of losing their power and hold over people. Religion authority is also a form of power. That is why the Jews wanted to kill Jesus. Because they were afraid to lose power.

We should ask the government whether Malaysia should have gotten independence, I'm quite sure the British were hurt when Malaysia wanted independence.

And then there is this thing called the Anti-Inter-Faith Association. I cannot believe that there is actually an association dedicated to burning bridges and to stop efforts of harmonising and building relationships. Isn't Malaysia supposed to be an example of religious and racial harmony?

I would propose therefore to have an Anti-Anti-Inter-Faith Association because the Anti-Inter-Faith Association hurts my sensitivities.

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