Monday, June 19, 2006

The Marketing Game

Eric Shulz covers many topics in this book including his insights into when or when not to sponsor sports, and how to take advatage of different situations to improve your brand.

The main feel of the book is basically about finding the right positioning and brand statement for your product. He list's down the ABC's of marketing:

A: Audience
B: Benefit
C: Compelling Reason Why

Everything you do must be based on your brand which is linked to your C, the unique value proposition that you are selling to your audience.

Don't just advertise your brand logo, link it always to something that you want your audience to feel or be connected to.

Because of his background, he provides tales from his experience in Coca-Cola, Disney, and P & G. He provides the perspective of both the retail space marketer selling many products (P&G) versus a single special brand-name selling only one kind of product (Coca-Cola).

In all the cases, whether it be sports, or retail, he strives to stress that your product must be linked into the audience mind so that he/she can recall your brand easily or find your product easily on the shelves.

It is, as always in business, what is so special about your XXX product?

Marketing is a very expensive game, if you don't know what you are doing, you could be throwing literally millions down the drain. In the end, your dollar spent should be used to increase your sales.

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