Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How I Would Change The Education System

If I were to change the education system I would want children to learn these early on:

  1. Learning how to learn. Children need to learn how to learn even from primary school this gives them the skills to cope with it.

  2. Financial wisdom. Money is one of the most important components in life. (It isn't the most important, but it still is important.) It is the fluid of human society and learning how to manage it will enable people to be more in charge of their lives rather than to let money control their lives.

  3. Social and Communication skills. We spend 60-80% of our lives communicating yet we emphasise only the mechanical skills like grammer and spelling. The principle of using these skills successfully will enable people to understand each other better.

  4. Leadership skills. Leadership isn't being the alpha male/female which implies being better than others. It's about knowing what to do in life and how to go about rather than flounder helplessly with the tide of human whims, emotions, trends and peer pressure.

  5. Time management. Time, the most important resource in the world. Yet no-one teaches this formally?

  6. Servanthood. We all serve one another. From Kings to the humblest ant. Each entity has a purpose. Learn the right perspective.

  7. Values/Ethics/Philosophy/Religion. The material world is created from the unseen, we must understand the spiritual side of life, for we are spiritual beings having human experiences not humans having spiritual experiences.

  8. Sports. Excellence in the material world with the thing that we control the closest. Our bodies.

  9. Image, PR, Grooming and Fashion. We project ourselves and communicate non-verbally as well. Looking good has always been a human thing. People can never know the "real" us. They can only know what they perceive. How well they perceive the "real" us is only as good as how we project ourselves.

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