Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gung-Ho: The Gift of the Goose


Cheering Each Other On

  1. Active or passive, congratulations must be TRUE.

    • Congratulations are affirmations that who people are and what they do matter, and that they are
      making valuable contribution toward achieving the shared mission.

    • Telling people what a great job they've done or presenting an award is an active congratulation.
      Passive congratulations are such things as stepping aside and letting a team member go forward with
      a tricky, complicated, and important project, without exercising some sort of control or even offering

    • You can't overdo TRUE congratulations: Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic.

  2. No score, no game, and cheer the progress.

    • At football games fans don't sit mute as the ball is moved down the field, waiting for the touchdown
      before cheering. Cheer the progress, not just the results. Measurement (score) shared with everyone
      generates excitement..

    • The farther congratulations are to the right on the scale below, the better (more effective)
      they are:

    • Programmed-->Spontaneous

    • Blanket-->Individual

    • General-->Specific

    • Traditional-->Unique

    • Stop focusing on problems and the guilty party (police behaviour) and start looking for those
      responsible for things gone right (coach behaviour)..

  3. e=mc2--Enthusiasm equals mission times cash and congratulations.

    • Worthwhile work and being in control of achieving the goal--that's a mission.

    • Cheering each other on brings enthusiasm to work.

    • Cash comes first--you need to feed material needs, (food, clothing, etc.) before you can feed
      the spirit with congratulations..

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