Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gran Turismo, Malaysian Edition

Since I'm here in Malaysia, I thought of dropping by the Malaysian leg of the Japan GT.

I found out that GT stands for Gran Turismo. That sort of identifies it for me from the games.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Because I won't be attending one of these events again. I found watching cars zoom by pretty boring.

But if you want to experience it, make sure you bring along your ear-plugs. They are LOUD!

I learned also that the GT event is actually two races in one. There are the GT300 cars (300hp) and the GT500 cards (500hp) that are racing at the same time. The 500 cars being the faster will have to overtake the 300 cars along the track.

After about 35 minutes of watching this race I took a break too look around for the umbrella girls.

You don't have to buy the pitpass (RM 100) to check them out. During the race they do come out into the main grandstand area and you can watch them on stage.

All in all, an interesting experience but not something I would go again. Perhaps the thing that adds value to it are the babes, because I can't for the sake of my life could enjoy seeing cars going round and round a track for 54 laps.

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