Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nothing Is Also Something

Nothing is also something.

For example, mathematics of the Roman system was convulated because there was no zero. The invention of zero by the Hindus helped to streamline and make things more easier, now we take it for granted.

In the Tao, nothingness is also a quantity to be manipulated. The value of a cup isn't in the clay, it is the empty void created in its shape that is useful.

In Zen, the simplicity of emptiness, clear space helps to soothe the mind, with less things to distract our thoughts, we are able to concentrate. Zen influence is clear in all of Apples products, this makes them so beautiful, it was what made Steve Jobs strive for a fanless power supply in the Apple II, the absence of noise makes it beautiful. The absence of too many unnecessary buttons or features on the iPod also helped to make it a beautiful success.

Instead of adding more and more, consider what things are to be removed in our lives.

When we are children, we want more and more things, but as an adult, I find that I want to have less and less things. Remove things that you don't need. Simplicity, clearness and nothing is something that I want more of.

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