Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gung-Ho: The Way of the Beaver


In Control of Achieving the Goal

  1. A playing field with clearly marked territory.

    • Goals and values define the playing field and rules of the game..

    • Leaders decide what position team members play.

    • Freedom to take charge comes from knowing exactly what territory is yours.

  2. Thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams are respected, listened to, and acted upon.

    • You can't be in control unless the rest of the organization supports you and doesn't rip you, or your work, apart.

    • Golden Rule of Management: Value Individuals as persons.

    • Information is the gatekeeper to power. Everybody needs full open access to information. Managers must be willing to give up the levers of control they've worked a lifetime to get hold of. It's tough to be boss without being bossy.

  3. Able but challenged.

    • Production expectations should be within capacity and skills, but if you undershoot you'll insult.

    • Nothing drains self-esteem faster than knowing you're ripping off the system, not contributing. If people can't do a fair day's work for a fair day's pay, you demean them..

    • Gung Ho requires a stretch: work that demands people's best and allows them to learn and move ahead into uncharted territory..

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