Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gung-Ho: The Spirit of the Squirrel


Worthwhile Work

  1. Knowing we make the world a better place.

    • It's the understanding, not the work.

    • It's how the work helps others, not units dealt with.

    • Result: self-esteem--an emotion whose power ranks right up there with love and hate.

  2. Everyone works toward a shared goal.

    • Goal sharing means buy-in, not announcing. Trust and putting team members first lead to support for goals.

    • The manager sets critical goals. The team can set the rest. (People support best that which they help create.)

    • Goals are marker posts you drive into the future landscape between where you are and where you want to be. They focus attention productively.

  3. Values guide all plans, decisions and actions.

    • Goals are for the future. Values are now. Goals are set. Values are lived. Goals change. Values are rocks you can count on. Goals get people going. Values sustain the effort.

    • Values become real only when you demonstrate them in the way you act and the way you insist others behave.

    • In a Gung Ho organization, values are the real boss.

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