Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Meaning of this Moment

The meaning of this current moment is not to become successful, no, the real meaning is to overcome my thoughts, my self-doubt, the negative thought patterns and to overcome them.

That is the real meaning.

If a genie appeared before me and offered to remove my negative thoughts, I may not accept it. Rather, I must choose not to listen to my thoughts and learn self-discipline over my thoughts and overcome them. Because, if we allow someone else to control our thoughts, what else is there to let us control and be free independent beings? Then we are not ourselves, we are the someone else.

That is why God doesn't take away our unhappiness, he can't. We must choose to be happy.

If we are left without freewill, then we aren't human, we will be robots.

In other words, then your thoughts will not be your thoughts, and if you're not thinking, then you don't exist. In other words as Descartes put it, "I think, therefore I am."

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Ultimate Logos

We will never be able to understand God and his purposes, for his ways are higher than ours, his thoughts greater than ours.

That's why faith is necessary, our brain capacities are limited in its understanding and knowledge.

Yet we must continue to grow.

I've learned that pride takes many forms. Besides pride in social status or material possessions, some people may be proud of their poverty. They seem to think that they are "better" than those with more money. They would like to paint rich people as proud and they themselves as "more humble" or "more spiritual" and hence "more superior".

But true humility isn't about comparing ourselves with others, its about service, it's about respecting others. It's not about deprecating ourselves but recognizing that others including ourselves are truly amazing creatures created by God so much so that we are destined to be "gods".

As CS Lewis wrote, think of the most boring person you have ever known, when we are transformed in the resurrection that person if he were to come down to earth, we would be tempted to worship him.

But despite the fact that totally understanding the ultimate logos is beyond our reach, for to truly know God would be to become God himself, we must still keep on learning about him. Even as human beings we may never truly understand someone else, we must keep on learning about him and appreciating him/her.

By learning and understanding God, we are in fact nourishing ourselves. For God is the true source of love and nourishment. Without growth we die. Without God we die.

Sometimes we think that we know it all. We don't. When we think we know it all, we stop growing because we stop learning.

Keep on growing, keep on learning, keep on praying. In every moment, every second there is an opportunity to learn, to grow if we only look for it.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life is a journey, life is a game.

Think of life as a journey.

Right now, my part of the journey is as an entrepreneur.

But it isn't like the stereotype of being a businessman that I should follow.

I'm a student, I'm learning all about life again. Life is a big campus, where you're learning as you go.

As I grew up, I always thought that when I'm working I've made it. I would be like the Adults who always knew what to do or ordered me to do whatever they wanted.

But it didn't. You're always growing, you're always learning.

When you reach the age of accountability, you still realize that you only knew as much as you did yesterday plus what you learned today.

Your decision making abilities didn't automagically become flawless, your knowledge is still lacking, your relationships still remain the same, strangers remain as strangers and enemies remain as enemies.

Being a businessman isn't like the stereotypical fat cat riding a limousine and smoking a cigar... it's rather back to the basics of a caveman out hunting wild mammoth to feed his family, his village.

Like it or not, we're still like those cavemen in cartoons drawn by Gary Larson in his Far Side cartoons.

Life is a game.

If so, then what are the rules?

The strange things I observe about people are that they are people with unique quirks, pride, values, hurts, pains, trigger buttons, hopes, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, resources, power, etc.

How do we handle them or rather manage our relationships with them?

There are basically 4 resources that we must manage in this life.

  1. Knowledge.

  2. Money.

  3. Time.

  4. People (Actually, you can't manage people you only manage your relationships.)

The first 3 can be learned in school or going for courses, even though only the first is formally trained in school.

The other 3 must be learned through trial and error.

This is a problem with the education system.

Perhaps when society of a 100 years from now looks back, they will see how primitive our teaching methods are.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Heroes (III)

Edna Mode for being a larger than life personality.

Edna was my favourite character in "The Incredibles" because despite being the one without any powers, she had a personality that overwhelmed the rest of the characters.

She was strong enough and sure enough of herself to even slap Mrs. Incredible to her senses.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Psychology Of Winning: Positive Self-Esteem

Winners have a deep-down feeling of their own worth. They know that, contrary to popular belief, this feeling of self-acceptance and deserving is not necessarily a legacy from wise and loving parents--history is full of saints who rose from the gutters and literal monsters who grew up in loving families. Winners are not outer-directed. Recognizing their uniqueness they develop and maintain their own high standards.

Though they recognize the universality of fear and anxiety, Winners don't give in to these emotions.

Losing self-talk: "I'd rather be somebody else."

Winning self-talk: "I do things well because I'm that kind of a person."

Accept yourself as you are right now--an imperfect, changing, growing and worthwhile person. Realize that liking yourself and feeling you're a super individual in your own special way is not necessarily egotistical.
In addition to taking pride in what you are accomplishing--and even more importantly--enjoy the unique person that you are just in being alive right now.
Understand the truth that although we as individuals are not born with equal physical and mental attributes, we are born with equal rights to feel the excitement and joy in believing that we deserve the very best in life.
Most successful people believe in their own worth, even when they have nothing but a dream to hold on to.
Perhaps more than any other quality, healthy self-esteem is the door to high achievement and happiness.

  1. Dress and look your best at all times.

  2. Volunteer your own name first in every telephone call and whenever you meet someone new.

  3. Take inventory of your good reasons for self-esteem today. Write down your BAG (Blessings, Accomplishments and Goals).

  4. Respond with a simple, courteous 'thank-you'.

  5. Sit up front in the most prominent rows.

  6. Walk more erectly and authoritatively in public.

  7. Set your own internal standards.

  8. Use encouraging, affirmative language.

  9. Keep a self-development plan ongoing at all times.

  10. SMILE!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Verse Of The Week

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

(Ecclesiastes 9:10)